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Still waiting

so it’s been about 2 weeks since my submission. It’s getting insainly nerve racking. I’m being very paitent as I do this and considering what month it is well st just fuels me to write more…. I was told it could take 4 weeks and well I dont know what i’ll do by then. I may have everyone drove crazy ….may also have a novel! I think I may even have my town back on the map on who can be the meanest to the person that lost a loved one… Well let’s think that could be a numerous people… I’ve been posting these on my sites and I believe people are now in shock that someone is actually standing up for someone even if that person is family.Horrible people and they know who they are, right down to the last of them a bunch. Fakers is all they are because they say one thing to you then turn around and say something else to another. Then they think we don’t know oh yes we know and we’re keeping track…. It’s not done in lack of not knowing it’s done on purpose and that’s why this is so sad. A father losses his only son and thats no excuse to contiually drive that Marines father crazy, with all the crap people are putting in the paper and on the radio. Shame on my town! Shame on leaders of our state! That’s ok though Im still waiting…..Are you?


One comment on “Still waiting

  1. lmcdaniel
    September 26, 2012

    TY I’m sure there maybe all kinds of stuff being wrote… Been reading that stuff for a year now and so is every one else…. Doesn’t matter what anyone says at this point… because facts are facts I’m glad you thought my post was pretty awsome but, the others, if there are, well I’m writting to vent on the mental and physical challenges that myself and my family are facing at this time..Those challenges didn’t get there by themselves they come with a lot of tears caused by other people… I’ve had enough of those it’s time for the truth… It will set you free……:)

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