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Just us

We went by the grave yard and decorated for the anniversary. We put up pretty flowers and autumn leaves and decorations. Then we went back and noticed other friends and loved ones came out and put their stuff there too. One left a coin Operation Desert Storm. Thank You.. You know who you are and I do to. The football yeah we know that one too… we set out balloons USA looking ones. My brother even set out red roses.. It;s just a humble time when I go or my family. It just don’t seem real. He’s not with us to laugh and smile. He’s in our hearts and that’s one of the things I’ll treasure most. He loved us and we loved him back. I changed out the Flag that was out there. The other one was old and worn shredding even. My husband lowered it down while my son carried the new one and carfully took the old one down and replaced it making sure none of them hit the soil. My other cousin came out she lost her mom recently and not seeing her out there is going to be weired too. I love that side of the family their good people they take care of their own. LOL must run in the family line…. I dont know just felt like writing today as another day goes on…. Just us..


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