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Hope and Change

I sit here and look at everything going on tv
I can’t believe they say we are free.
We pay for all this stuff that we don’t use
Come on people, can’t we refuse?
They say were better off than four years ago
Well if that’s true I think it’s slow
It hadn’t made it here, to the hills of Tennessee
I think were getting ripped, between you and me.
Why do we pay all this money out,
the debt I understand but, the other makes me shout
you can’t spend money, that you don’t have
someone please don’t you get it, this just make me mad
printing money, stimulus checks,
last time I looked, it still called National debt.
Do I like scrimping, being poor, not having nice stuff.
Heck no, I don’t but, that don’t make it right for us.
We need something different than the hope we were told
The change you promised has not been for told.
You wasted our money and that’s a fact,
we don’t want you to go forward, we just want you to go back.


8 comments on “Hope and Change

  1. runningwithellen
    November 4, 2012

    Back to what?

    • lmcdaniel
      November 4, 2012


      • melanieimhoff
        November 4, 2012

        Yes! We need change without the 2 parties that are nothing but a joke. The wool has been trimmed from around this sheep’s eyes.

      • lmcdaniel
        November 4, 2012

        well i wanted rick perry but he doesn’t do good at debates and messed himself all up. but if a man can make millions of dollars for himself then look what he can do for our country.. it has to be better than this dry scratchy feeling i get trying to swallow what this one is giving

  2. dafreewhitewolfe
    November 4, 2012

    interesting perspective, however…as an ex-patriot and global executive it seems to me a perspective from higher up the mountain is required…American capitalistic democracy is the turbine driving the engine destroying our culture from within…the economic forces in the global market place cannot be resisted….at the rate of one percent or so a year, the rest of world is getting richer while we are getting poorer…other cultures are demanding that they too enjoy the affluence that America has enjoyed since the end of WW II…in France, they are discussing lowering labor costs (the standard of living) so French products are more competitive in the global market…sustainability has to replace growth (exploitation of the poor by the rich US corporations)…as in your body, unlimited growth, is cancer…democratic socialism as found in the EU seems to be the remedy, i.e., we are all in this together. US debt to China binds us together into one family…the problems in Greece where created on Wallstreet….and so it goes….^^~~~~~

    • lmcdaniel
      November 4, 2012

      im with you on the china and greece thing but there is also more to the story with china. i agree with giving them what they are owed but we are giving them more than that so they can do more scientific studies that are totally way out there that china could study on their own and greece well thaTS a different story. our enconomy can not afford to keep borrowing money from the debt. we can’t continue to give money to corporations that will turn around and go bankrupt after they pay all the monies that the gov give them to the workers as bonuses.. I think there is a name for that its called theft.

  3. heartflow2012
    November 13, 2012

    Yes, clear and simple – THEFT!

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