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This is not something I would normally write.. I usually write poetry but none the less I write about my feelings or someone else’s feelings.. This is a repost because I’m still new to this so I thought it would be ok to post again using it in the daily challenge…Once my life gets more established I hope to be on here so much I become like your average wall paper.. This is a true story of events that took place just a year ago in my families life. I post it in hopes that one day when your family member is taken from you that you do not allow this tragic moment go as far as my family did. we were grieving and it’s a little hard to understand but we just shut ourselves out. we felt hopeless like it wouldn’t matter if we told anyone because we did and it continued to happen. I hope my story isnt to long forgive my typos and Thanks for reading

Laurie McDaniel

No time to heal, that’s my theme for today, for days past and days to come. The Watson family doesn’t have time to heal. Every time the Watson’s turn around we’re kicked in the gut. Our family member died serving our country, our town, our state and our people. It’s our people that continue to punch us in the stomach.

Troy Watson lost his 21 year old son on Sept 24th of 2011 while serving in the United States Marine Corp. Troy did not lose his roommate; he did not lose his friend; Troy lost his son. Not a son he abandoned as a little boy, not a son that he gave up for adoption, not a son where there are more than one step-father. Frankie Watson has 1 father and 1 step-father. Frankie’s daddy is Troy Watson and Frankie’s step-father is Jack Couch. They lost a family member they…

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