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Totally A Disaster

A total disaster is what I’m telling you

The house is falling apart what am I going to do

The baby’s about here and stuff isn’t done

What to do with no money funds

The floor has bare nails sticking out

Holes in the walls I’m going to shout

I can’t do this all by myself

I pray dear Lord send some help

I need a job or the lottery I don’t play

To be a winner to shell out some pay

I got to fix this stuff that’s broke

I’m telling you this is not a joke

We seem happy and ok but deep down were not

Paying the bills is what we got

We can’t afford anything in our life right now

As I rub my hand across my brow

Totally a disaster is what I’m saying

Income to me is what I’m praying.




This is about some of the hardships in life that some people face where they only make ends meat. It’s happened to  my family several times the work I do is not a forsure thing but when it’s steady it’s good.. The only dhing I would change about it is politics. It shouldn’t matter what you are as in Dem or Rep as long as you do your job,you just don’t bite the hand that feeds you lol but, sometimes in life people are thrown a curve ball and you just got to roll with the punches



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