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They knew
My friends that knew me
Knew the pain I faced
Knew the agony I felt
Knew the escape I wanted to take
They knew I was tortured
They knew I was bruised
They knew all this stuff and asked what can we do
They knew all the stories about how I was raised
Knew I was abused, molested, what could I say
They knew the police had been involved
But yet my crime had yet to be solved
They knew I was taken and I lived with other family
That was an escape from the life I lived daily
They knew a lot about me my parents were well known
I guess back then abuse was condoned
So this is to other girls and boys who share my life
There is hope, a way, a light
I know you may be scared I was too
Don’t lose faith and remember someone loves you.



The writing challenge was something you knew alot about. Well I know alot about being abused. Growing up I was isolated fromt he world. I had just minimal friends either that lived around me or that I went to school with. Those had to be related to me or parents had to be friends. I didnt get to use the telephone or stay the night with to many people. I guess they were afraid our secret would get out. Well my friends knew my secret,they felt helpless because my family were in the good ole boy society and well that left me in the cold. My friends wasn’t the only ones that knew, The police, DCS, My teachers, The principle, some of them well most of them believed it my principle chose to ignore it and be in denial because they were friends. They knew I was taken advantage of and I was helpless I was just a little girl! I’m grown now i’m not that little girl crying out for help, I’m the grown woman that fights back now. I’ll not be abused and taken advantage of ever again. Have I healed I think so, I’ve forgiven the wrong that was done to me. thanks for reading.


One comment on “DPChallenge

  1. lmcdaniel
    October 15, 2012

    This is for other children that have been or are still being abused. There is help.

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