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Dusting that little green plannt

Dusting that little green plant

With a coffee can nailed onto a tobacco stick
Was something that was second nature to me
I was around four I think when we first started
And around six when I couldn’t see

It happened one day during the early morn
Before noon I guess all though I’m not for sure
Before the heat was unbearable that’s about what I know
When we dusted those plants to give our family doe

To get started you put the poison inside
That old coffee can had holes on the bottom
You shook the can to scatter the dust on the plant
To keep off the bugs along with the ants

As I was shaking the dust came up
Got in my eye and swelled it up shut
It burned real bad I didn’t know what to do
I suffered all day way past the afternoon

I was told not to touch it to just leave it alone
I tried to listen until I got home
I got up on the sink around nine I guess
I looked at my eye it was such a mess

It was swollen to the point I didn’t recognize myself
I didn’t understand why know one would help
I touched it with both my hands trying to separate
I was thinking by now it may be to late

I was pulling and stretching just to see
If my skin would give and then break it free
It was matted up with that poison I shook
Then I thought there water just look

So I turned the faucet on the sink
Just to help to wet it and peek
A sliver only opened for me
It burned like crazy and was red and pink

Something caught the corner of my other eye
And I looked and thought I’m going to die
My dad came in found me on the sink
Hit me and yanked me I think I peed

Told me I was told to leave it alone
I didn’t understand why now that I was home
He was tired of telling me and I didn’t listen to him
He hit me a lot more what I did was a sin

My vision didn’t matter not to him
Was a good chance I may be blind just then
He talked about me being on the sink
That I wasn’t supposed to be up there
When he got done hitting and yelling at me
I got the courage to go look and see

My face was still swollen my eye was all red
Was blurry to look out of but, I was not dead
That crap was not in my eye
I cried it all out thinking I was going to die

For days passed my vision was still not good
The swelling stayed with me as It probably should
My visions still not perfect after all these years
Trying to cope with my anger and my childhood fears
Dusting crops like that in the day
Almost took my sanity away


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