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OK well, as you know I have been writting on here since around the end of Sept. I have been getting very good reviews even with me friends on Facebook. I just wanted everyone to know that I have started a new job recently and I love it…. It’s different but in the same line of work…. I also wanted everyone to know that as soon as I can get internet service without going to the woods and highjacking the neighbors LOL that I will be on here alot more looking at everyone’s more often and leaving comments. I have been reading the ones that come to my page and like them. that gives me a general direction to look to since I’m still learning this site so please take no offense if i haven’t got to yours yet…. I know it’s the small things one does for someone that is the best sometimes and I just want to thank you guys who have came and read and enjoyed and I promise I will do the same for you….. wish me luck on this new endevour I hope to do this to well…. Thanks


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