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Dreaming of you

Dreaming Of You
Last night I felt your loving touch.
Your arms so tight, I care too much.
Your hands so soft, your lips so smooth.
How can I?
When I don’t know you.
I thought for a minute.
I saw your eyes,
but, I woke up.
It was all a lie.
I knew for sure, it had to be real.
Your body I long for.
last night.
I could feel.
So I’m writing you this.
To let you know.
How I feel, when I dream of you so.
Like It’s real.
Not all lies.
Because It hurts too much.
To tell you goodbye.
But, for now.
This letter will have to do.
Until the day.
That I meet you


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  1. voguewhore
    October 27, 2012

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