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Just Between Friends

Just between friends
Have you ever had a friend that you could tell anything too? No matter how bad or sad something is you know that person is going to be there to talk to you or to listen. Well I thought I had a friend like that now granted I have lots more friends that can handle every little situation you throw at them.
For example. I have a friend whose married she has a sister they been best friends including sisters. Well while the one was at work the other would be spending time with the husband they have children same age and the sister is also married, well the sister would tell the other, your husband is weird I try to keep the kids around whenever he comes over. The sister would blow it off. Would say, he’s harmless now you’re weird because you think that. Just stuff like that would be said. Well the children would ask questions like is daddy going to marry aunt so and so. The sister would laugh and say she can have him… Little did she know that was just the case?
The husband was getting extra friendly with the sister and the other had no clue even though it was smacking them right in the face. Well the sister handled it so calmly and so cool it was amazing. First she called the sister and asked her in an adult manner if it was true and the sister admitted it was true. Then she went home waited for her husband. When he arrived she told him to write down everything they had been sending to each other and he’d better not lie because she already had it copied from the internet and she was going to check it word for word.
Well he lied about it at first until he knew she was serious and he wrote her a book. A book of every little detailed conversation every picture they had shared and as hard as it was for her to read it she did every bit of it. She went to the book store bought tons of books on forgiveness and sisters and marriage along with a bible and drove to her sister’s house knocked on the door and took those books to her as she pretended to be asleep. She placed them on the bed and told her she could pretend to be asleep and that’s ok but here some books I thought you need to read and turned around and left. The sister was mad because the other was allowed in and shocked at the same time. She was in shock that the sister got that close to her and did not try to wake her or hit her scream at her jump on her nothing she just left.
Well are they close friends like they were no is the marriage healed no but is she the bigger person for facing the situation head on without a confrontation because they’re not immature and childish. They have grown to that level of maturity that they don’t depend on other family members to handle their problems. You know people can write about all this stuff because it seems easier. To hide and shelter away is what some people know, they don’t know any other way they’ve always had their mom or grandmother to handle their problems. Now my friend is grown and she doesn’t know how to talk to me. She thinks were still teenagers and we have to fight and argue over a problem that we were having even though it was her fault. She don’t want to look like the bad guy in front of her son and that’s ok sometimes our children need to see humility that we sometimes challenge because it teaches them great lessons in life.
My children were involved too and she has completely blocked those out they know what she said as well and I have to tell them that some people have been shelter to the point where they don’t know how to handle grown up situations because they haven’t reached that level of maturity so they make up this big story that fits their own need. She could say look at these text messages well I have those but I also have something more I have my 14 year old daughter who heard on more than one occasion what my friend said. I have my husband who heard what she said. The text wasn’t a yelling text it was an asking text. I can’t help that she failed to tell her son a plan that she concocted that would hurt her child. Then she would eventually hurt me and our friendship in the long run.
She deleted me off face book because she thought I’m like the other friends she used to screaming and fighting online. Or afraid I would say something to turn her child away from her. Well that’s not me. That’s also sad that she has to live in a box so others don’t know who she really is. But, my kids got hurt to, they’re going to cry over this and all I can do is love them and tell them it will be ok. I have an 11 year old that will be sad for awhile he lost his friend that he called his brother but again she is not looking at it like that. She couldn’t face me with sad sweetness she had her mother greet me at the door. She turned that sad sweet understanding moment that is forgiven into something ugly and hateful. That should’ve been something nice and heartfelt and she didn’t have a heart at all left my kids standing there no I’m sorry we changed our mind I couldn’t do it just nothing the children didn’t get that sweet good bye she ruined it! My son is still little he hasn’t quite grasped the fact yet and he’ll eventually comes to grips with it, my daughter who adores my friend well she probably thinks this is about the weirdest thing she has come across because she is in high school and don’t have to deal with crap like that.
My husband whom I have been arguing with the last 2 months because of this is totally upset and thinks I should have been the bad guy and said no and stuck to my guns. But, I’m the big girl in this relationship me and my friend have. It’s nothing personal its business is what I was told some people wouldn’t want nothing to do with either one and happy they had the life they were given no matter how bad it sucked because they know how to deal with the stupidest stuff other friends shell out. I still forgive my friend no matter how many times she wants to tell people it’s my fault. I know the truth. Friends don’t tell their business to other people, that’s why I have been a little shady on my story. Mine is more of a vent type in nature. Maybe my friend will read this even though I’m a little skeptical since she was fast to jump the gun on what was put on face book. Funny she didn’t even read it. It wasn’t mean, no one knew, she just thought she would delete me. You can’t delete life no matter how hard you try to run from it. I feel real sorrow for you. I used to think you had it made now. I realize it was a front to cover what kind of person you really are. I’m sorry you don’t know how to talk to your friends. I’m sorry you don’t know how to listen to your friends without thinking you have to argue. I’m sorry you never had the true meaning of friendship but, I’m still here just so you know, forgiving you, hugging you sheltering you from the storm of life that has been denied you because I love you. This is just between friends.


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