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Mud Pie

Mud pie
Pine needles, Johnson grass; Berries to
Oh what fun we can do
With sticks and twigs and maybe a spoon
These are some steps one must do
You got to have dirt and maybe some sand
To hold it together that’s the plan
We’ll mix them up add some water
Hope like crazy, it gets a little hotter
Stirring mixing swirling it about
It’s got to be perfect there’s no doubt.
Sometimes while mixing more dirt must go in
To make it right not to thin
With pots and pans; bowls too
Were making this special just for you
We’ll flip it fast on our table top
With plenty of time we don’t have to stop
We’ll pull the pan away from the pie
Then garnish it with the rest of our supplies
The berries, maybe flowers whatever looks the best
It’s got to hold up that will be the test.
When it dries, it’s ready it’s perfect; we sigh
Now we have our famous mud pie


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