Laurie McDaniel

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Water Sandman

Water sandman
Water splashing on the shore;
Against the rock, layed, bottom of the bedroom floor.
Splashing waves into the sand,
across another piece of land
That formed this watery bed; upon these little bands of sand.
Churning splashing day and night
sounds so peaceful on a moonlit night
And in the day it plays a song of long cold winters and summer dawns
The oceans a peaceful place to go
For walks along the sandy row
with soft kisses from the wind and the salty waters brim
Where fish and turtle dance and sleep, in my mind I want to keep
On the shore crabs crawl and creep
Away from the white caps the roar on top of the ocean floor
Which carry our burdens while we sleep
Into the dark abyss that’s deep
The sandman’s got us in his arms
Crashing against the waves
Protecting us from harm


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