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A Different Red White and Blue

A Different Red, White and Blue
Red White and Blue is different to me
The song rings clear the land of the free
That flag flying causes me grief;
And great joy and disbelief
That Lee greenwood song, don’t sound the same;
Saddens my ears almost cuss his name
It hurts my heart and causes more tears
I lost the one that I hold dear.
I think back to the last day with him,
He held me close and calmed my fears.
It took some time for him to let go,
I was scared for him; not wanting it to show.
Finally it was time for him leave,
He said he would call my daughter, Allie.
He wanted her to go with him,
I don’t know why, maybe I’ll find out; one day in my life.
He’s not coming back now, and Allie is pissed.
She joined the air force, she will be greatly missed.
She wants to attack everything in sight,
She needs to stay calm and do what’s right.
She’s proud of her country the land of the free.
She’s misses her cousin, her brother, she called Frankie.
She wants to right, the wrong that’s been done,
To help ease the families, burden.
No matter what, the flag want be the same.
We still hold the memories, the sorrow, and the pain.
Our hearts still ache’s, at the sound of his name
We’ll miss him forever, with no one to blame.
That’s what he wanted, that we know is true.
He wanted to fight for me and for you.
So when you look at your flag, please remember him to.
LCPL Franklin Namon Watson a United States Marine,
Has died fighting, for the Red, White and Blue.


4 comments on “A Different Red White and Blue

  1. angelsportion
    November 5, 2012

    Again, very passionate. You may appreciate my post regarding Romney and Obama sitting down to whisky.

    • lmcdaniel
      November 5, 2012

      lol, im glad you enjoyed it. if i drank whiskey maybe i’ll have to settle with the coffee. i do read and like more than i comment but i get more done that way i storm read then ill go back and comment ty for comments

      • angelsportion
        November 6, 2012

        I’ll be back to visit, for sure.

      • lmcdaniel
        November 6, 2012

        ty can’t wait to read more of your work

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