Laurie McDaniel

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Family Pictures

Family pictures
The pictures just hang there on the wall silent yet loud
They tell us stories of yesterday
Of loved ones here or that was taken away
Happy times of hopes and dreams
Oh come what may is what they seem
Their happy and sad
Funny and glad
Sometimes when you look at them they make you mad
You can’t change them no matter what you try
Sometimes at night I start to cry
They may represent a back ground or prop
A beauty queen or football star or a band of pop rock
The pictures just hang there but they tell you a story
Of a Marine or boy a hero or toy
Cheerleaders or models or babies with bottles
Pictures of family flowers or friends
Apples and angels and the Lord of men
When you look at your pictures on the wall
No matter how big little or small
Remember the times when they were took
Be blessed by them and make a book
You can’t bring back yesterday
So have no regrets take pictures today.


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