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My Life

My Life
When I was little I just cried and cried
Wanting it to stop
Just waiting to die
I didn’t understand why, I was treated that way
Some say I was a gift and was made a certain way.
To my family it was different I was like everyone else
I took the beatings from fist and belts
Never to do anything right
Almost every day was always another fight
I didn’t do this or never do that
Was always thankful
Whenever it was a smack
That pain only stung for just a little bit
Totally different from the fist busted lip
That bruise, on my thigh, which lasted two months
Was from that steel toed boot
After that time, I wanted to shoot
I’d had it last; it had to be done,
Oh God what am I doing in my hand was a gun.
God understood this I’m for sure.
The gun wasn’t loaded I’d have to endure
To grow up big and strong;
With the knowledge, to fight,
To strength train my body
I was showed the light.
I help others now, that’s what I do
So they don’t have to endure the things I went through.
I help the children, the abused and more
I got trained well and know what to look for.
My experience was also a key factor to.
I wanted to kill my dad for what I went thru.


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