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Typo’s are my middle name

I love typo’s they show charecter… They show style, They show originalness… Some people sweat the small stuff but when you look at some stories that people write you can tell when they are showing their raw emotions. When someone is happy they mispell words, when they are angry they mispell words. so to me typo’s are apart of our daily lives that I can except. So carry on with the typo’s LOL


3 comments on “Typo’s are my middle name

  1. mary hixson
    November 17, 2012

    I’m sorry, what? When I write, and I write in all sorts of moods and dispositions and still have the ability to spell correctly…

    it is true that we are human and typo’s are to be expected however, in writing, even more so in poetry, there are rules that must be followed and poetry needs to be perfected, that is the beauty in it. In my personal opinion, I prefer not to read something written carelessly, without regard to proper spelling (at the LEAST) and titled “poetry” … it’s nearly a slap in the face to the ART of poetry. Now on the other hand, you have good idea’s and your work seems to most certainly be personal and I could enjoy reading you, downside is, you are set in this mind frame that typo’s are ok and that is truly a pity. All my best to you.

    • lmcdaniel
      November 17, 2012

      Mary what you have said is so true. In fact poetry is most welcoming when in fact it is written properly. I’m glad you think I have good ideas and I’m sorry you feel SLAPPED when you see typo’s, my condolence’s to you. My mind set is casual. This is a blog. When my work is published any typo is corrected and deemed fit for reading. I work in a busy environment that is technically more important than spell check at certain times. Rather that is important enough is strictly up to you. Thanks for your interest and your criticism is appreciated even by me.


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