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I like it… Read my mind.   but, I love my work I help people during the most crucial time in their life.. Thier life depends on how quick I can be to assess the situation at hand. It’s my pleasuring things they give me the cause to reblog this. I can only do so much and if I’m at work trying to save someones life then what ever else I’m doing gets put on hold or gets sent to the share tab without thinking.. You know why I’m not thinking because someone needs me!!! They could be dying!!! But lets concentrate on the small stuff like spell check shall we….. Oh hey carry on good job with this piece thanks for writting it. So we are kinda on the same page sorry you have trouble at your work. I appreciate your writting and I’m sure what ever job you have is important and you do a good job with it as well. Some people don’t look outside the box.


2 comments on “Mistake

  1. lenwilliamscarver
    November 17, 2012

    Read like a mistake to me LOL!

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