Laurie McDaniel

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They knew

My friends that knew me
Knew the pain I faced
Knew the agony I felt
Knew the escape
I wanted to take
They knew I was tortured
They knew I was bruised
They knew all this stuff
They asked what can we do
They knew all the stories
And how I was raised
Knew I was abused
What could I say
They knew the police
Had been involved
But yet my crime
Had yet to be solved
They knew I was taken
I lived with another family
Which was an escape
From my life I lived daily
They knew alot about me
My parents were well known
I guess back then
Abuse was condoned
So this is to other girls and boys
Who share my life
There is Hope
A way
A light
I know you may be scared
I was scared too
Don’t lose faith
Remember someone loves you


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