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Childhood Games

Hide and seek
Was always fun
Until you couldn’t find that one
Red rover was always a joy as well
Until your name was the last one yelled
Red light green light
Was just as fun
Especially to the little one
Simeon says run in place
Then jump around
Oops Simeon didn’t say
These are the games
I liked to play
When out with friends
On warm spring days
Childhood Games
Often come and go
When one gets wiser
And other well
It’s sad when adults
Can’t just grow up
And learn to cope
With grown up stuff
They didn’t learn
From being last
In all those games
And childhood laughs
Money can’t buy you
True friends like me
Only the fake
And misconceive
So go back to your Tag
And Catch
And Red rover
Go fetch
The things in life
That does not last
Magic is all you’ll have
Backyard Dreams
Pretend what you are
With want to be Friendships
And Muses to hide the mask
Of sadness
To last eternity
In all those things
You wish you had
Including me
With life
So lame
On your front porch swing
In your Mindless
Childhood Games


2 comments on “Childhood Games

  1. pjb1943
    December 4, 2012

    I think I played every one of those games as a kid, but now I couldn’t tell you the rules to even one of them. You’re right in what you say though. Too many out there never made it past childhood games. Nice job of writing, Laurie.

    • lmcdaniel
      December 4, 2012

      I know games are fun when we are playing right. well when we are dealing with grown up big people things well time to stop acting childish lol <<<<Knows one or two 😉

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