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Background noise

I sit here alone with my thoughts

Almost daily

Every night
Wondering what will I hear
Who will call
In the dark cold night

Well as I wonder

The telephone rings
In the back ground

The woman screams
My husband is shaking and turning blue
Oh God please help
What do I do
The ambulance is coming

I calmly tell her
In a moment It seemed

Like abig giant blur
In the back ground
I hear a gurgling sound
Chest compressions
With a thumping real loud
She sceams louder
Oh God what do I do
He’s only 43
Oh God baby …….I love you.

Will you help me!
When will they be here
Then silence meets my listening ear
I tell her she doing good
I need her to stay calm
But, in the background
All I get is a sob
My son she says
Is with me too
He started CPR
What else should we do
I tell her again she’s doing fine
Oh God she says
Please ….

Don’t let him die
Ma’am I tell her
Medic is coming
It seemed like forever
It felt like eternity
More sobbing and crying
Is what I hear
Almost nightly

As I sit here
In the background

Her son
Is doing all he can
Cracked ribs by now
With hands chest span
Humpph and gurgling
This sound is close
This is the life
The one
That I chose
I helped that lady
When all her fears came to life
That background noise
Shed way to much light
This is my life as I sit here today
What background noise
Will I hear Today


One comment on “Background noise

  1. Britton
    December 4, 2012

    Poignant 😦

    Hope the other side will certainly show up within no time. 🙂

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