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The Blessing

The Watson Family reunion with their lost brother,son,nephew,grandson May his soul rest in peace until he is carried away in his fathers arms…

The Blessing

Our family is here

Friends all around.

Giving our thanks before we sit down.

We blessed our Father

From Heaven above.
For showing us

The right way to love.
It started back

With the Indians hand.
They welcomed the Pilgrims

Who came to their land

They all sat down

Said a blessing together.
Giving their thanks

Enjoying the weather.
This is A meaning of Thanksgiving to me
So share this blessing

For all to see.
Happy Thanksgiving

There are alot of things to be Thankful for during the holiday season. Just don’t take them for granted,love them while your can because they may not be there next Thanksgiving…

So with that said Thank you for visiting my site and sharing all the love, hurt, sad, and happy times.

Life is an experience we can all learn from…

Miss you Frankie aka Lcpl Franklin Namon Watson USMC KIA Sept 24th 2011


3 comments on “The Blessing

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  2. Johan Hoeff
    November 23, 2012

    Very, very beautiful.

    Now, like my own family who has served: Why? And for Who?

    • lmcdaniel
      November 27, 2012

      my nephew LCPL FRANKLIN NAMON WATSON USMC killed in afghanistan he wanted to be secret service and gaurd president

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